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Pricing Insight Monitor for Europe by Next Research

Pricing Insight Monitor for Europe by Next Research

Regular RELIABLE pricing discount information (top 5 EU)

Regular RELIABLE pricing discount information (For all European Markets)

  • Discount levels per brand in each market
  • Range of value added features and incentives that enhance the offer and contribute to overall "price"
Understand the DYNAMICS of price negotiation

Understand the DYNAMICS of price negotiation

  • Strengthen negotiating position with buyers by knowing what they expect, want and need
  • Identify the factors that drive their perception of you as a supplier and your brand
OPTIMISE your profitability and market positioning

OPTIMISE your profitability and market positioning

  • Determine the minimum discount you must offer to be competitive in each market
  • Configure the optimal "offer" (discount and support package) to maximise profit AND improve perceived position as best in class provider
The issue


The Reality - Extensive and significant pricing discounts are being applied to the European Hospital Market, meaning understanding the impact of Market Access for drugs and the traditional method of cashing out the European Hospital Expenditure is clearly somewhat inaccurate and flawed.

The data need

Data Need/ Requirement:

There is a significant requirement for a reliable, regular data source on insights into “real world” prices paid (typical discount levels offered to hospitals) on key pharmaceutical products, including other influencing factors.

The solution


Due to its personnel’s experience of previous price tracking studies within the European hospital sector, Next Research has been request by various clients to provide a statistically reliable, regular price tracking service which offers companies access to this critical, highly significant insights. Now Next Research would like to offer this data in a syndicated form.

The insight


Providing, syndicated and primary Quantitative reports of various discount levels (average, highest, lowest etc) in addition to qualitative aspects such as other influencing factors outside of price, such as opinions, stocking preference and the reasons why for choice etc.

Latest sample data

Key Insights Competitor Specific

Traditional methods of estimating competitors discounting practices based on in-house data can be misleading and does not convey the full actual competitive landscape. Read more >>

Analysis and Reporting: Key Drivers

Through advanced analysis techniques we assess relative importance of different attributes in driving a company’s negotiating power, when price discounts are concerned. Read more >>

Contributing Factors on Negotiating Discounts

The contributing factors on negotiating discounts.