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Customised Market Research

Custom research is always a collaborative effort between our valued customers and key members of our research teams to create a project/ study designed to elicit the required insights for a customer’s specific questions and actionable outcomes.

If our current syndicated research products are not able to provide adequate insight to our customers, commissioning a custom market research study can offer immensely clearer insight.

Here is how our custom market research can benefit your business:

Targeted Information – Do you need intelligence about a very specific market segment or product that is rolled up into a broader group in current published reports? How do your product/ company stack up against a key competitor? How do you improve on your existing customer loyalty? Collaborating with us to design your research will allow you to get answers to individual questions you need answered, with a focus on your specific company, not just companies similar to you.

Custom research can delve deeper to answer your questions with more primary research, such as phone interviews with experts, suppliers and other players in the space. The quality of Next Research’s primary research incorporated into custom research can deliver an additional dimension of insight that is not typically found in syndicated research, which has to cover a broader spectrum of information.  

Custom research designed around your budget, our custom research is collaborative, so we will always take your budget into consideration and design a study that fits while still answering your critical questions. If your budget is less than ideal for the type and depth of research required, we’ll be able to make recommendations on how to achieve your data needs within your budget.

Both syndicated and custom research can offer a wide range of report options, but if the data you need isn’t covered in syndicated reports, or even if your targeted industry or market segment is covered but it doesn’t answer all of your strategic questions, it may be in your organization’s best interest to commission a custom research report from Next Research. Actionable insight is the goal, so if the information that your company needs to make critical business decisions is not already thoroughly covered in our syndicated reports, so please reach out to Next Research your trusted market research partner to discuss your needs.

Next Research Ltd, is an experienced market specialist in the European Hospital sector with a proven track record conducting extensive Custom Research with specialists clinicians, pharmacists payers and patients.